Club Matchplay Fourball 2018

Play from the White Spot.  Lowest player off scratch.  Others 90% of the difference. 

A MONTH TO PLAY YOUR MATCH IS MORE THAN SUFFICIENT.  Arrange your match immediately, allowing time to re-arrange if a problem occurs.  Responsibility to make contact is equal.  Enter match result on the notice-board on the day of the match.  Arrange your next match as soon as possible to benefit from the time available.  A result entered before the match is played, INSTANT DQ. 


June 17 July 13  Aug 5 Aug 26   
1.Liam Miley
1.Brian Byrne
1.Gervase Strain a.L Miley
1.Paddy Duggan a.B Byrne
2Paul Smyth a.A McDonnell
2Brian Farrell a.JP Toner
2Adam McDonnell 1.A McDonnell
2JP Toner 1.JP Toner
3Michael Murphy 1.K Cohalan
3Keith Cohalan 1.M Murphy
3Keith Carron b.M Murphy
3Sean Marks b.K Cohalan
4Eugene Woods b.E Woods
4John Long b.J Long
4Jim Carroll a.A McDonnell
4Michael Lennon a.JP Toner
5D O’Callaghan a.D O’Callaghan
5Niall O’Callaghan a.N O’Callaghan
5Sean Dullaghan c.D O’Callaghan
5Bernar McShane c.N O’Callaghan
6Peter Grant c.P Grant
6Brendan Reavey c.B Reavey
6Damian Murphy 2.D O’Callaghan
6Shane Marks 2.N O’Callaghan
7Paddy Lawless 2.M Murphy
7Joe McCarthy 2.C Murphy
7Sean Og Duffy d.P Lawless
7Mark Duffy d.J McCarthy
8Fearghal Mallon d.M Murphy
8Oliver Dullaghan d.C Murphy
8Martin Murphy D O’Callaghan
8Caolan Murphy N O’Callaghan D O’Callaghan
9Sean Cumiskey P Savage N O’Callaghan
9Shaun O’Connor M Savage
9John McSorley e.J McSorley
9PJ Carroll e.PJ Carroll
10Ciaran Crawley e.C Crawley
10Kevin Rogan e.K Rogan
10Frank Mullen 3.C Crawley
10P Cunningham 3.K Rogan
11T McGuinness 3.Joe Keenan
11Joseph Keenan 3.T McGuinness
11Kealan Downey f.T McGuinness
11C McEneaney f.J Keenan
12Kieran McCabe f.K McCabe
12Dan O’Connell f.D O’Connell
12C McKeever b.C Crawley
12Jim McKay b.K Rogan
13Gerard Byrne b.M Savage
13S Hollywood b.P Savage
13Pearse Murphy g.P Murphy
13Seamus Keenan g.S Keenan
14G Cumiskey g.G Cumiskey
14P Gallagher g.P Gallagher
14M Gartlan 4.P Murphy
14Tom Clarke 4.S Keenan
15G McKevitt 4.M Savage
15B McKevitt 4.P Savage
15G McGennity h.G McKevitt
15Gavin McErlean h.B McKevitt
16 Patrick Savage 16Miceal Savage h.M Savage
16 M McCartney 16Des McCoy h.P Savage


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