Ladies Results 2018

Christmas Hamper Sponsored by Visit Carlingford.
12H SF Sat 1st & Sat 8th Dec.

Winner: Mary McGoey 24/22 46 pts
Runner-Up: Catherine Woods 23/18 41 pts
Best Gross: Kay McCartan 15/11 26 grs pts
Third: Anne McDonnell 18/22 40 pts
Fourth: Maureen McCartan 19/15 34 pts
1st Day: Nora Gormley 21 pts
2nd Day: Angela McParland 19 pts
GIG League best 3 scores over 6 weeks
Winner: Maureen McCartan 58 pts

strong>Sunday 2nd/Fri 7th Dec.
12H Midweek SF
Winner: Maria Duffy 21 pts

Sunday 24th/Fri 30th Nov.
12H Midweek SF

Carried Over

Saturday 24/11/2018
12H SF

Winner: Rosemary Hanratty 27 pts.

Sun 18th/Fri 23rd Nov.
12H SF

Winner: Marie McAnallen 23 pts

Saturday 17/11/2018
12H SF

Winner: Clodagh McCarthy 30 pts
Runner-Up: Rita Mulligan 23 pts

Sun 11th/Fri 16th Nov.
12H SF

Winner: Fionnuala Gaffney 21 pts (Bk 9)

Saturday 10/11/2018
12H SF

Winner: Aideen McGahon 25 pts.

Sun 4th/Fri 9th Nov.
12H Midweek SF

Winner: Marian Jordan 26 pts

Saturday 03/11/2018
Two Lady Surprise Team Event

Winners: Kay McCartan & Aideen McGahon 26 pts

Sun 28th Oct/Fri 2nd Nov.
12H Midweek SF

Winner: Mary McGoey 28 pts

Saturday 27/10/2018
12H SF White Elephant

Winner: Rosanna Crudden 23 pts

Sun 21st/Fri 26th October
12H Midweek SF

Insufficient Entries Carried Over

Saturday 20/10/2018

CAT A: Seana McGuinness 36 pts
CAT B: Rosanna Crudden 26 pts
CAT C: Fionnuala Gaffney 32 pts
CSS 36pts
Twos: R. Crudden, K. McCartan, M. McAnallen.

Sunday 14/10/2018

Winner: Kay McCartan 19 pts.

Saturday 13/10/2018


Saturday 08/10/2018
Singles SF

Winner: Ailish McCartan 34 pts
Runner-Up: Marian Jordan 34 pts
Third: Rosemary Hanratty 34 pts
CSS 76
Twos: Antoinette Shields, Clodagh McCarthy

Saturday 29/09/2018
Singles SF

Winner: Noreen Crichton 38 pts
Runner-Up: Maureen McCartan 36 pts
Third: Ann Connor 35 pts
CSS 74
Twos: Ann Connor, Mary McGoey

Thursday 27/09/2018
Open Day Singles

Winner: Jane Fegan 36 pts
Runner-Up: Marie McAnallen 33pts
CSS 74
Twos: Kay McCartan

Monday 24/09/2018
Ladies Open Seniors SF

Winner: Mary McGoey 33 pts
CSS 77
No Twos.

Saturday 22/09/2018
Category Prize SF

CAT A: Clodagh McCarthy 39pts
CAT B: Ann Connor 32 pts
CAT C: Noreen Crichton 35 pts
CSS 75
Twos: Ann Connor, Catherine Woods, Sheila Berrills.

Thursday 20/09/2018
Open Singles SF

Winner: Noreen Craven 33 pts
CSS 74
Twos: Marian Murnaghan

Saturday 15/09/2018
September Medal/Str/GoY 10

Winner: Maureen McCartan 72 nett
Runner-Up: Noreen Crichton 74 nett
Front 9: Kay McCartan 35 nett
Back 9: Aideen McGahon 37 nett
CSS 74
Twos: Sheila Berrills, Kay McCartan.

Thursday 13/09/2018
Open Singles SF

Winner: Noreen Crichton 32 pts
CSS 74
No Twos.

Saturday 08/09/2018
Mansfield Cup SF

Winner: Mary Ryan 37 pts
Runner-Up: Sheila Berrills 35 pts
Third: Mary P. Kirk 36 pts
CSS 74
Twos: Angela McParland, Noreen Crichton.

Thursday 06/09/2018
Open Singles SF

Winner: Noreen Crichton 35pts
CSS 74
No Twos.

Saturday 01/09/2018
Singles SF

Winner: Ann Davey 36 pts
Runner-Up: Noreen Craven 35 pts
Past Captains
Winner: Ann Davey 36 pts
Runner-Up: Mary Ryan 34 pts
CSS 76
Twos: Seana McGuinness, Anne McParland,
Antoinette Shields (all on the 6th)

Thursday 30/08/2018
Open Singles SF

Winner: Jane Doyle 32 pts (Banbridge GC)
CSS 74
Twos: No Twos

Saturday 25/08/2018
Lady President Ann Davey’s Prize Str/Medal/GoY 9

Winner: Antoinette Shields 72 nett
Runner-Up: Catherine Woods 73 nett
Best Gross: Seana McGuinness 87 grs
CAT A 0/19: Aideen McGahon 74 nett
CAT B 20/27: Siobhan Byrne 76 nett
CAT C 28/36: Rita Muligan 73 nett
1st 9: Noreen Crichton 35 nett
2nd 9: Noreen Craven 36.5 nett
Past Captains: Angela McParland 77 nett
GIG Ladies 12H SF: Maria Duffy 13 pts
Twos: Kay McCartan on 6th, Jane Fegan on 14th
CSS 74

Thursday 23/08/2018
Open Singles SF

Winner: Mary McEnaney 37 pts (Rossmore GC)
Runner-Up: Noreen Crichton 34 pts
Twos: Kanita Crawford on 14th (Rossmore GC)
CSS 77 R/O

Monday 20/08/2018
4 Person Team Event Sponsored by Village Pharmacy, Carlingford.

Winners: C. Duffy, J. Hughes, C. McKeown, P. Sheridan 84 pts
(Nuremore GC)
Runners-Up: Sheila Berrills, Zak Alderdice, Tony O’Connor, Marie O’Connor 84 pts
(Greenore & Dundalk GC)
Third: Frank Brady, Lorcan Burke, P. McGovern, Aidan Brady 82 pts.
(Greenore & Mannan Castle GC)

Saturday 18/08/2018
Professional Robert Giles Prize Str/Medal/GoY 8

Winner: Camel McCarthy 71 nett
Runner-Up: Katie Mallon 73 nett
Best Gross; Seana McGuinness 85 grs
Third: Rosaraii O’Reilly 75 nett
Twos: Mary P. Kirk on 6th, Emily McGuinness on 10th
CSS 76

Thursday 16/08/2018
Open Singles SF

Winner: Marie Fegan 33 pts
Twos: Kay McCartan on 6th
CSS 76

Saturday 11/08/2018
National Breast Cancer Fourball Ball Better Ball SF

Winners: Rosanna Crudden & Pat Cluskey 41 pts
Runners-Up: Emily & Seana McGuinness 39 pts
Best Gross: Kay McCartan & Mary McGoey 27 Grs pts
Third: Anne Davey & Siobhan Byrne 39 pts.

Thursday 09/08/2018
Open Singles SF

Winner: Marie McAnallen 39 pts
Runner-Up: Mary Hession 36 pts (Dundalk GC)
Twos: Marie McAnallen on 6th
CSS 74

Saturday 04/08/2018
McHugh Cup Str/Medal/GoY 7

Winner: Fionnuala Gaffney 71 nett
Runner-Up: Seana McGuinness 74 nett
1st 9: Nora Gormley 36.5 nett
2nd 9: Aideeen McGahon 37 nett
Twos: Sheila Berrills on 6th
CSS 74

Thursday 02/08/2018
Open Singles SF

Winner: Marian Jordan 40 pts
No Twos
CSS 73

Saturday 21st & 28th July 2018
Lady Captain Mary Ryan’s Prize Str/Medal/GoY 5 & 6
2nd Rd cancelled due to bad weather results based on 1st Rd scores.
Winner: Anne McDonnell 72 nett
Runner Up: Patricia Brennan 73 nett
Gross: Seana McGuinness 81 grs
Third: Anne McParland 73 nett
CAT A: Rosemary Hanratty 75 nett
CAT B: Nora Gormley 74 nett
CAT C: Ethna Dowling 76 nett
1st Day: Mary P. Kirk 75 nett
Committee: Margaret Hanley 77 nett
GIG Ladies 12 H SF Winner: Una McGoey 28pts, Runner Up: Maria Duffy 24pts
Gents 12H SF Winner: Dermot Phillips 24pts.
1st Day Twos: Antoinette Shields and Marian Jordan on 10th
CSS 74

Thursday 26/07/2018
Open Singles SF
Winner: Fionnuala Breathnach (Westport GC) 43 pts
Runner-Up: Maria Mc Anallen 37 pts
Twos: Shiela Berrills on 6th
CSS 74

Thursday 19/07/2018
Open Singles SF
Winner: Rita Mulligan 33 pts
Runner-Up: Marian Jordan 33 pts
No Twos.
CSS 74

Monday 09/07/2018 Open Week
Colourtrend Open Singles SF
Winner: Kay McCartan 37 pts
R-Up: Odile Glynn 33 pts (Bk6)
Best Gross: Seana McGuinness 23 grs pts
Third: Monica Mullen 33 pts (Bk3)
Visitor: Anne Marie Patterson 32 pts Dunmurry GC
1st 9: Ruby Sweeney 18 pts (Bk6) Lambeg GC
2nd 9: Marie McAnallen 18 pts
CSS 75
Twos: Kate Smyth (Dlk) on 14th, Jane Fegan on 10th, Monica Mullen on 1st

Thursday 05/07/2018
Open Singles SF
Winner: Monica Mullen 39pts
Runner-Up: Marie McAnallen 38 pts
CSS 73
Twos: Monica Mullen on 6th Jane Fegan on 14th

Saturday 30/06/2018
President Frank McKay’s Prize Str/Medal/GoY 4
Winner: Josie Malone 70 nett
Runner-Up: Roisin Finn 73 nett
Gross: Kay McCartan 83 grs
1st 9: Sheila Berrills 34 nett
2nd 9: Margaret Hanley 36 nett
CSS 74
Twos: Rosemary Hanratty on 14th

Thursday 28/06/2018
Open Singles SF
Winner: Rosanna Crudden 37 pts
Runner-Up: Josie Malone 37 pts
CSS 73
No Twos.

Saturday 16/06/2018 & 23/06/2018
Special Competition Str.
Overall Winner: Anne McParland 76/71 = 147 nett
Day 1 Winner: Carmel McCarthy 73 nett CSS 73
Day 2 Winner: Anne Davey 69 nett CSS 73

Thursday 21/06/2018
Open Singles SF
Winner: Nora Gormley 35pts
Twos: Kay McCartan on 10th
CSS 76

9H SF Qualifier
Winner: Margaret Hanley 17pts (reduced to a Sweep)

Thursday 14/06/2018
Open Singles SF
Winner: Marie McAnallen 34pts
CSS 76
No Twos.

9H Sf Qualifier
No Entries

Monday 11/06/2018
Gift & Art Open 3 Lady Team Event
Winners: Carmel McCarthy, Mary Wilkinson, Barbara Maher (both Edmonstown) 72pts
Runners-Up: Nora Gormley, Ann Connor, Odile Glynn 70 pts
Third: Rosemary hanratty, Siobhan O’Hagan, Marie McAnallen 69pts.

Saturday 09/06/2018
No Competition
GGC Classic

Thursday 07/06/2018
Open Singles SF
Winner: Ann Connor 32pts
No Twos.
CSS 77

Saturday 02/06/2018
PGA Tankard SF
Winner: Eileen English 39 pts
Runner-Up: Emily McGuinness 38 pts
Two’s: Kay McCartan on 14th
Monica Mullen on 6th
CSS 74

Thursday 31/05/2018
Open Singles SF
Winner: Noreen Crichton 36 pts
Two’s: Marian Murnaghan on 14th
CSS 73

9 Hole SF Qualifier
No Entries.

Saturday 26/05/2018
Roslin Cup SF
Winner: Marie Hollywood 35 pts
Runner-Up: Catherine Woods 34 pts
Third: Rosemary Hanratty 33 pts
Two’s: Fionnuala Gaffney on 6th
CSS 76

Thursday 24/05/2018
Open Singles SF
Winner: Patricia Brennan 32 pts
Two’s: Marian Murnaghan on 14th
CSS 77 R/O

Carnoustie Qualifier
Winner: Mary McGoey 20 pts.

Saturday 19/05/2018
Captain Michael Mallie’s Prize Str/Meda/GoY 3
Overall Winner: Angela McParland 75 nett
CAT A: Marie McAnallen 84 nett
CAT B: Monica Mullen 78 nett
CAT C: Anne Davey 81 nett
Two’s: Monica Mullen on 14th
CSS 76

Thursday 17/05/2018
Open Singles SF
Winner: Noreen Crichton 31 pts

9 Hole SF

Saturday 12/05/2018
Category ABC SF
Cat A: Ailish McCartan 36 pts
CAT B: Marian Jordan 31 pts
CAT C: Anne Davey 36 pts.

Thursday 10/05/2018
Open Singles SF
Winner: Karen Hetherington 33 pts (Dungannon GC)
Runner-up: Jayne Henry 32 pts (Dungannon GC)
Third: Bernadette Keenan 30 pts (Dungannon GC)

9 Hole SF
Winner: Antoinette Shields 14 pts

Saturday 05/05/2018
Hunter Moore Cup SF
Winner: Ailish McCartan 34 pts
Runner-Up: Aideen McGahon 34 pts
Third: Noreen Crichton 33 pts

Thursday 03/05/2018
Open Singles SF

9 Hole SF
Winner: Mary P Kirk 18 pts

Saturday 28/04/2018
Centenary Trophy Str/Medal/GoY 2
Winner: Marie Fegan 76 nett
Runner-Up: Anne McDonnell 78 nett
Front 9: Marian Murnaghan 34 nett
Back 9: Monica Mullen 39 nett
No Twos.

Thursday 26/04/2018
Open Singles SF
Winner: Noreen Crichton 29 pts
No Twos

Saturday 21/04/2018
Green Trophy SF
Winner: Anne McDonnell 36 pts
Runner-Up: Ailish McCartan 33 pts
Third: Anne Davey 33 pts

Thursday 19/04/2018
Open Singles SF
Winner: Kay McCartan 31 pts
Twos: Kay McCartan on 6th

Saturday 14/04/2018
Clarke Cup SF GoY 1
Winner: Aideen McGahon 33 pts
Runner-Up: Anne Davey 32pts
1st 9: Rita Mulligan 19 pts
Bk 9: Fionnuala Gaffney 19 pts
Twos: Colette Carnegie & Angela McParland on 10th

Thursday 12/04/2018
Open Day: No entries

Saturday 07/04/2018
AIG Teams
No competition

Thursday 05/04/2018
Open Singles SF
Winner: Marian Murnaghan 26pts (Sweep)
Twos: Rita Mulligan on 14th

Saturday 31/03/2018
18H SF
Winner: Aideen McGahon 33 pts
Winner: Anne McDonnell 20 pts

Thursday 29/03/2018
Open Singles SF
No Entries

Sunday 25/03/2018
Wnrs: Martin Bagnall 5) Patrick McIntyre 15) Vincent Laverty 16) Rosanna Crudden 20) 57.4.
2nd: Keith Cohalan 5) David Whately 14) Brian Sloan 18) Mary Griffin 19) 59.4.
3rd: Paddy Lawless 9) Alan Winters 16) Sean Marks 18) Joe Molloy 21) 61.6.

Saturday 24/03/2018
Breffni Shield Scotch Foursomes
Winners: Emily McGuinness & Seana McGuinness 74.6 nett
Runners Up: Monica Mullen & Catherine Woods 76.6 nett

Midweek 11H SF
Sun 18th/Fri 23rd March
Carried Over No Entries

Midweek 11H SF
Sun 10th/Fri 16th March
Carried Over No Entries

Saturday 10/03/2018
11H SF
Competition Cancelled

Midweek 11H SF
Sun 04th/Fri 09th March
Carried Over

Saturday 03/03/2018
Captains Drive In

Midweek 11H SF
Sun 25th Feb/Fri 2nd March
Carried Over

Saturday 24/02/2018
11H SF
Winner: Marian Murnaghan 18pts (Bk 9)

Midweek 11H SF
Sun 18th/Fri 23rd February
Carried Over

Saturday 17/02/2018
11H SF
Winner: Antoinette Shields 20 pts

Midweek 11H SF
Sun 11th/Fri 16th February
Carried Over

Saturday 10/02/2018
11H SF
Course Closed

Midweek 11H SF
Sun 4th/Fri 9th February
Carried Over

Saturday 03/02/2018
11H SF
Winner: Catherine Woods 23 pts

Midweek 11H SF
Sun 28th Jan/Fri 2nd Feb.
Carried Over

Saturday 27/01/2018
11H SF
Winner: Clodagh McCarthy 22pts

Midweek SF
Sun 21st/Fri 26th Jan 2018
No Entries/Carried Over

10H SF
Saturday 20/01/2018
Winner: Angela McParland 22 pts

Midweek 11H SF
Sun 14th/Fri 19th Jan 2018
No Entries/Carried Over

11H SF
Saturday 13/01/2018
No Comp/No Entries

Midweek 11H SF
Sun 07/Fri 12th Jan 2018
No Entries/Carried Over

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