Hole 1 – Par 3 -S.I 11 PINES

Blue 218 yds White 204 yds

Green 199 yds Red 180 yds S.I. 7

Very demanding opening hole where distance and accuracy are important. A two-tier green is well guarded by bunkers to the left and right. Be aware of winds coming from the Lough on the right.

HOLE 2 – PAR5 S.I. 13

Blue 562 yds White 548 yds Green 547 yds Red 465 yds S.I. 9

Good birdie opportunity for longer hitters. A straight drive essential with a water hazzard to the right and trees awaiting a drive pulled to the left. Double green which will bounce in from the left hand side.


Blue 409 yds White 401 yds Green 393 yds Red 364 yds S.I. 9

A good Par 4 where a well positioned drive will leave you an approach shot over water to a very undulating green. Long and right towards this green will bounce towards the trees.

Hole 4 – Par 4 -S.I 9SLIEVE FOY

Blue 409 yds White 400 yds Green 396 yds Red 388 yds S.I. 15

A straight drive will leave you a blind approach to a green which is protected by water left and right. The second shot will play a little longer than you may think.

HOLE 5- PAR4 S.I. 5

Blue 420 yds White 410 yds Green 403 yds Red 372 yds S.I. 5

Long, straight Par 4 , where avoiding well positioned bunkers from the elevated tee will leave a straight forward approach.


Blue 130 yds White 123 yds Green 115 yds Red 88 yds S.I. 13

Greenore’s ‘Signature Hole’. A fantastic Par 3 from an elevated tee. Green protected by water front and left with bunkers back and right. Club selection here is essential.

Hole 7 – Par 4 -S.I 1WHINS

Blue 419 yds White 407 yds Green 393 yds Red 353 yds S.I. 1

Deserving its stroke index 1. A narrow tee-shot must favour the right hand side to avoid a blind second over whins. Care must be taken with your approach shot as water awaits any tee-shot left of the green.

HOLE 8- PAR4 S.I. 7

Blue 412 yds White 399 yds Green 398 yds Red 266 yds S.I. 17

A long drive required to reach the fairway. Beware of the water hazard coming out from the left hand side. Control of distance is important for your approach to a flat green which has water awaiting shots long and left.


Blue 323 yds White 320 yds Green 316 yds Red 310 yds S.I. 11

Shortest of the Par 4’s , offering an excellent birdie opportunity. A good drive avoiding trees left and bunkers right will set up a short iron to a green which slopes from back to front.