Hole 10 – Par 3 -S.I 18MILLS

Blue 154 yds White 151 yds Green 147 yds Red 130 yds S.I. 8

Good Par 3 sharing a double green with Hole 2. Accuracy is important as the undulating green can leave difficult putts.

HOLE 11 – PAR5 S.I. 14

Blue 523 yds White 513 yds Green 506 yds Red 440 yds S.I. 12

The second Par 5 , again offering a good birdie opportunity. A drive left will run further, leaving an approach to a green that slopes from the right. The green is well protected by bunkers.


Blue 424 yds White 363 yds Green 359 yds Red 345 yds S.I.2

Difficult Par 4 , where your drive must avoid the lough all the way down the left and trees to the right. Long approach to a well guarded green with bunkers and out of bounds behind the green.

Hole 13 – Par 4 -S.I 6MAGAZINE

Blue 436 yds White 419 yds Green 418 yds Red 403 yds S.I. 18

Long Par 4 where your drive must stay left and away from out of bounds. Difficult undulating green which falls off from back and right.

HOLE 14- PAR 3 S.I. 12

Blue 149 yds White 144 yds Green 140 yds Red 130 yds S.I. 10

“Pigs back”- Probably the most difficult green to hit. Club selection is essential and only perfect distance control will do. Miss the green and you are left with a very difficult chip to the narrow green.


Blue 360 yds White 351 yds Green 342 yds Red 313 yds S.I. 6

Slight dog-leg from left to right. Once water has been avoided from the tee, there is a straight forward approach to the green which is undulating on back and left.

Hole 16 – Par 4 -S.I 2ROAD HOLE

Blue 438 yds White 433 yds Green 429 yds Red 420 yds S.I 14

Longest of the Par 4’s with a difficult drive to avoid trees left and a road to the right. Difficult approach to undulating green. A 5 here is a good score!!!!

HOLE 17- PAR4 S.I. 16

Blue 492 yds White 484 yds Green 478 yds Red 417 yds S.I. 16

Last Par 5, again giving an excellent birdie opportunity. A straight drive will leave an approach to a narrow entrance to the green which plays a club longer than you think.

HOLE 18 – PAR 4 S.I 10HOME

Blue 369 yds White 360 yds Green 358 yds Red 347 yds S.I. 4

‘Home’- A slight dog-leg which calls for a left to right drive across the 17th green, avoiding bunkers on the left. Approach to a newly constructed green (2017), challenging to read, can be deceptive with hidden ground between cross-bunker and green. Beware! Out of Bounds awaits long and left.

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